Art.#.99003 A-D

1095 Hi-carbon steel blades (sloyd knives )
Brass ferrules Rosewood handles Comes with real leather sheath
Hardness:58-62 HRC
A-    Size blade 3-3/4”  over all    8”
B-    Size blade 3-1/4”  over  all   7-1/2”
C-    Size blade 2-3/4”  over all    7”
D-    Size blade 2-1/4”   over all   6-1/2'


5-pcs set of (chip carving knives)
1095 Hi-Carbon steel blades Hardness:58-62 HRC
Color wood handles brass rivets + pvc  zipper pouch
A-    Size blade 1” handle 5-1/2”O/all  6-1/2”
B-     Size blade 1-1/4” handle 5-1/4” O/all  6-1/2”
C-     Size blade 1-1/4” handle 5-1/2”O/all 6-3/4”
D-     Size blade 1-3/4”  handle 5-1/4”  O/all 6-3/4)
E-     Size blade 1-1/8” handle 5-1/8”cm O/all 6-1/4


10-pcs set wood/chip carving knives
1095 Hi-Carbon steel blades
Color wood handle+ pvc zipper pouch
Hardness: 58-62 HRC

Art.No.99007 RL

1095 Hi-carbon steel blade marking knives 2-pcs set
Aluminum rivets rosewood handles
Hardness 58-62 HRC


Dog leg chisel 3-pcs set
Hi-carbon steel blades
Color wood handle
Hardness: 58-62 HRC


Striking/Marking knife double edge
Hi-carbon steel blade
Rosewood handle + pvc edge guard
Size 7” o/ll  weight: 40-grams
Hardness: 58-62 HRC

Art # 1

Whittling Knife                            
Hi-Carbon Steel Lade        
Rosewood or Dolor Colour 
Wood handles.
Size 6-1/4" o/all               

ART # 313-A-J                                             
Hi-Carbon Steel Blade Chip Carving Knives    
Color Wood Handle                                        


Micro knives
1095 Hi-Carbon steel blades 
A-Straight edge
B-Skew edge
C-Curved edge
brass ferrules color wood handles
+pvc zipper pouch
Hardness: 58—62 HRC

ART     #     CC-6

High Carbon Steel Blade Carving Chisel
6PCS Set Barss Ferrules Pakka Wood
Handle Cover With PVC Zipper Pouch.
Scribe/Divider for Woodworkers use
S.S. Blade pointer Stainless Steel Leg s /holders  Brass & Aluminum Parts
Without Spirit Vial  Comes  With Real Leather Sheath


1095 Hi-Carbon Steel blades (Crocked knives)
Brass Ferrules  Rosewood or  Color Wood Handles
Hardness: -58-62 HRC
        A -Shallow Curved  Double Edges           weight: 70-grams
        B-Medium Curved Blade  Double Edge  weight:  65-grams
        C-Deep Curved Blade  Single Edge        weight: 60-grams