Spanish style Hunting knife
Damascus steel blade: Images, Rainbow, Rain drops & ladder
Camel bone & buffalo black horn handle
Brass Bolster, Lining & rivets
Size 9 O/all
Comes with real leather sheath

Damascus steel blade Hunting knife (Fish style)
Groves on blade
Brass guards/ferrules Multicolor & black horn handle
Brass lining & rivets
Blade images. Rainbow, Ladder, Rain drops
Size 10 O/all
Comes with real leather sheath

Shaving Razor
Damascus steel blade
Buffalo horn handle
Blade size
O/all closed size
Comes with real leather sheath
ART = DMS-001F

Damascus steel blade Pocket knife
Inside lock brass linings Damascus steel bolsters
L-key male/female bolts
Blade length: 3.5 cutting edge  2.5
Width: 1 thick: 4.4mm
Walnut handle 4.5 closed
Weight: 180-grams
ART = DMS-003F
ART = DMS-002F
Damascus steel blade &
bolsters pocket knife 
Inside brass lock brass linings 
Walnut handle L-key bolts
Blade length: 4
Width: 1
Thick: 3.6mm
Size  4.5 closed
ART = DMS-0017
Damascus steel blade & guard  Hunting knife
Oak/beach wood handle brass rivets
Size blade 4.5
Width: 1
Thick: 3.6mm  O/all 8.5 comes with leather sheath
Weight: 135-grams sheath weight: 60-grams
Art.  No.DMS-001FB
Damascus blade & bolster pocket folding knife
black wood handle brass linings gold plated L-key
comes+ leather sheath size 4.5" closed
Damascus blade pocket folding knife
Steel bolster brass linings & rivets
Red color wood handle size 4-3/8"
Comes with leather sheath
SS.Blade Laguiole Pocket Folding Knife
Brass Bolster,Linings & Rivets + Corck-Screw
Rosewood Brass Engraving Handle Size 4.5"
SS.2-Blade Laguiole Pocket Folding (Fish)Knife
Brass Bolster, Linings & Rivets+ Corck Screw
Rosewood Handle Size 5" Closed
S.S.Blade Pocket Folding Knife
Copper Bolster, Brass Linings & Rivets
Multi Color Wood Handle Size 4" Closed

Damascus Blade & Bolster Hunting Knife Brass Spacer & Rivets(6) Camel Bone Handle in Blue Color Size 17" o/all Comes With Real Leather

Art No.DMS-0019

Damascus Blade Hunting Knife Steel Guard Brass Spacer STAG Handle Size 18.5" Over all Comes With Leather Sheath.

Damascus Blade & Bolster Hunting Knife Curved Blade Leather Handle Size  14" o/all With Leather Sheath.
Art.No. DMS-0021

Damascus Blade & Guard Hunting Knife  Tanto Style Brass Spacer Camel Bone Black Horn & Walnut Handle Size 15.5" o/all Comes With Real Leather Sheath.

Damascus Steel Blade & Guard/clip Hunting Knife Brass Spacer STAG Handle Size 18" o/all + L Sheath.

Damascus Blade & Bolster Hunting Knife Brass Rivets oak/beach Wood Handle Size 9" o/all + L.Sheath.
Art.No. DMS-0013

Damascus Blade & Clip/guard Hunting Dagger Brass Spacer Horn, Camel Bone & Pakka Wood Handle Size 13.5" o/all With Real Leather sheath.

Damascus Hunting Knife Steel Bolster Steel Bolster Black Horn Handle Size 9.5" o/all Comes With Leather Sheath.

Damascus Hunting Knife Brass Bolster Camel Bone Handle Aluminum Rivets Size 9-1/4" o/all + Leather Sheath.

Damascus Hunting Knife Black Horn & Cow Wood Aluminum Rivets Size 9" o/all  +  Leather Sheath.
Art.No. DMS-0026

Damascus Blade Hunting Knife Camel Bone & Black Horn Handle Aluminum Rivets Size  8.5" o/all With Leather Sheath.

Damascus Blade Hunting Knife Camel Aluminum Rivets Size 8.5" Over All Comes Real Leather Sheath.

Damascus Blade  Hunting Knife Brass Bolster & Spacer Walnut & Stag Handle o/al size 18" With Leather Sheath.

Stainless Steel Blade Hunting Knife Brass Guards Real Leather Handle Sizes 15.5" o/all & 11" o/all Comes With Leather Sheath.

Stainless Steel Blade British Commando Knife Brass Bolster/guard Multi-color Wood Handle Size 14" o/all+L Sheath.

Stainless Steel Blade Camp Axe Brass Bolster & Rivets Multi-color Wood Handle Size  10.5" o/all +L Sheath.